Those who live in the colder months of Canada have become familiar with dog sledding. It is a sport that is growing in popularity, but it still has a long way to go. One of the reasons we created this blog was to bring greater attention to the sport in support of it. To do this, we have covered several different topics of interest.

Supporting the Competitions

We wanted to bring some awareness to the competition. This means having a greater insight as to the different types of dog sled races that are taking place in Canada. This is done in the hope that more people will realize just how many of these different types of races can be enjoyed. If they become aware of them, it may entice them to attend some of them. When more spectators are taking an interest in the sport, then it creates more credibility for it. It can help it to grow. As it begins to grow, then more people become interested in participating in it.

On a Smaller Scale

We wanted to also bring attention to this sport that is participated in on a smaller scale. Which meant putting a bit more attention to the sprint races. These are short course races. Some of which are held in communities in some of the provinces. We chose to show some examples of this as it pertains to Ontario. These are very important for several reasons. One is that they provide a form of winter entertainment for the residents of Ontario who are enduring harsh winters. It is a way of creating interest in the sport on the lower level that may create enough interest that spectators will start watching some of the bigger races.


Dog sled racing is not considered to be a high priority among a lot of the media. With a blog such as this creating more awareness, it may help to spur an interest in the media. Especially if they see the sport growing in popularity.

The Controversy

There is some controversy over this sport because it involves the use of dogs. Like any sport, there has to be strong morals and rules put in place. Spectators can raise awareness of this and make sure that those who are competing are taking their responsibilities seriously.

The Roots

We also want to point out what the roots of this sport are. It began with the need for using dogs and sleds as a mode of transportation. Many provinces had no other means of getting around, and this was their only recourse. Now, much of this has been replaced with equipment like snowmobiles.

We hope that this blog will become popular among sports enthusiasts and that they will see it as another opportunity to enjoy the winters in Canada. It is also our intent to encourage competitors to consider this sport. The more attention that is brought to a sport, the better it is for that venue. Be sure to pass what you learn here along to your family and friends.