Dog Sled Racing Blog

Welcome to our blog that is dedicated to dog sledding in Canada. If this is a sport you are not familiar with, then you are going to be much more informed after reading what we have to offer you here. Some of the highlights of what can be found here are as follows.

About Our Blog

We wanted to give a more detailed explanation of why we thought it was important to create a blog such as this. Creating awareness of any sport to us is a good thing. Be sure to read this post as it will help you to understand why we covered the topics that we did.

Dog Sledding In Canada

Undoubtedly this is a post that is meant to act as an introduction to this exciting sport. It touches upon a few of the more prominent races that are carried out in the country. It also focuses a little on the smaller events. The purpose is to create an interest in the races themselves.

Different Types of Races

This post focuses on the three most common types of dog sled races that are held in Canada. For those who are new to this sport, it gives them a starting point of the types of choices they have as a spectator. It can also be useful for those who are thinking of becoming a dog sled race competitor.

The Basics

To really enjoy what dog sled races have to offer, it is important to understand the basics of dog sledding. This post covers several of the important details that need to be known to appreciate this sport a little more.

The Excitement

For those who have never been able to enjoy a dog sled race, they don’t realize the excitement that they are missing. Then for those who would like to participate in this sport, there is the thrill of doing it. We have included a post here that covers this.